North Central PA's Pine Creek - Little Pine - Slate Run and Cedar Run

If you are a newcomer to Pine Creek it's length can be somewhat overwhelming when determining where to fish. I like to think of Pine Creek as four different sections. The first being the upper section that parallels scenic Route 6 through the towns of Walton, Galeton and Ansonia. This section produces the best early season hatches and is more closely resembles a river than it does a creek. It is very wide in most stretches containing long pools and riffles and many deep holes. Unfortanately, like most Eastern rivers it too has a tendency to warm quickly in hot dry summers. Wading conditions will very from very easy to extremely difficult or impossible. The upper stretches through the Pine Creek Gorge (Pennsylvania Grand Canyon) are often accessed with rafts or canoes. Pine Creek will have a decent amount of anglers on it when Spring hatches are in full swing but with it's size you will easily be able to find places to fish. Access to Pine Creek is readily available from the 60 mile Rails-To-Trails path that is beside the creek. The trail has several access points with plenty of parking. Pine Creek is heavily stocked several times in both the Spring and Fall by the PFBC but you may also find some hold over Browns and Native Brookies in the upper reaches. The PFBC has Special Regulations for Pine Creek, Little Pine, Slate Run and Cedar Run to ensure wild trout preservation. The regulation areas cross County lines and can be viewed seperately by clicking on the respective Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commision links.

Tioga County: PFBC Special Regulations explanation.

Lycoming County: PFBC Special Regulations explanation.

Hatch Information: All of these North Central Pennsylvania fisheries exhibit phenomenal spring hatches. Hatches will not occur with the density of say, Penn's Creek and you will not see compound hatches like those found on the "Little J" but these are good things for a fly fisherman! You will ultimately spend less time trying to figure out what is going on and more time landing trout. A big draw for the area are the Brown Drake hatches that many argue produce better fly fishing opportunities than the Green Drakes on "Penn's". When selecting flys for this area be sure to check the Central PA Fly Fishing Hatch Chart! Timing of hatches depends on many variables and can be very different from year to year. If you are making plans to come to the area for a certain hatch I recommend checking fishing reports often and talking with the guys at the fly shops.

Stream Conditions: Given the great length and watershed of Pine Creek it's water level can be affected by a very wide reaching area; simply meaning that isolated storms on the upper stretch can easily affect the entire river. Ideal fly fishing conditions are when the height is between 1.5 - 2.0 feet measured at Cedar Run USGS station. When levels are between 2.0 - 2.5 feet Pine is still very fishable but extra caution should be taken when wading and moving around. When Pine Creek is between 2.5 - 3.0 feet it is at it's limits for successful fly fishing; extreme caution should be taken when wading and you will be forced to search out eddys and slower moving pockets. Click on the link above to see current water levels at the Cedar Run USGS monitoring station.

Fishing Reports: Click on the link to enter the Central PA Fly Fishing Reports. See how others are doing on the water or take a minute to post your own successes.

Pine Creek Lodging & Restaurants : Hungry? Need a place to stay? Click on the this link to be taken to a page dedicated to helping you find local restaurants and lodging that are close to the water. All of these local services can also be located on the interactive maps.

Interactive Maps: Click on the links below to be taken to interactive maps of the area. In addition to being able to see where to fish, you can also get printable directions on how to get there and locate local services in the area like fly shops, lodging and guide services.

Featured Fly Shop : Slate Run Tackle Shop is located within Wolfe's General Store in the town of Slate Run. It is an Orvis shop and a great place to get everything you need for a day on the water whether it be flys, food, gas or just information. The staff at both the fly shop and general store are very knowledgable and friendly.

Slate Run Tackle Shop - 570.753.8551


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