Central Pennsylvania's Black Moshannon Creek

Black Moshannon Creek is a beautiful stream nestled between two mountain ridges with it's origin in Black Moshannon State Park. Blacky is a small stream and is not the kind of fishery where you stay in one place very long. I concentrate primarily on the Special Regulations area, mostly because I know there will be trout holding there but there is a lot more stream that is well stocked with Browns by the PFBC. Crowds are typically not an issue but since the Special Regs area is often fished from top to bottom by fly fishermen the trout can be wary and difficult to catch. Access to the stream is excellent, there is a dirt road that parallels the entire stream. The physical surroundings at Blacky can be very difficult for those accustomed to wide open spaces. Casting becomes an art and is critical to your level of success on Blacky. Overhanging tree limbs and shrubbery almost blanket the water in most areas and the stream bed is often littered with dead falls from the winter. It is a fishery that requires extreme patience and the ability to develop new casting techniques. Blacky is stocked several times a year with Brown Trout, you will find some long skinny hold over Browns as well as some Native Brook Trout. The PFBC has placed Special Regulations on Black Moshannon Creek to ensure wild trout preservation. Click here to be taken to The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission's explanation.

Hatch Information: Blacky does not produce the array of hatches that other fisheries in the area do. There are very good Caddis hatches and I have witnessed a decent amount of Hendricksons and Red Quills in late April to early May. The trout respond very well to attractor drys and nymphs. Be sure to check the Fishing Reports to see what others are using on Blacky.

Stream Conditions: Black Moshannon does not have a USGS monitoring station on it. I have fished Blacky in all four seasons when the water is very high and very low; it is very fish able in both cases. Since the creek is downstream of the lake it's water level fluctuates far less than many other streams in the area and runoff is never an issue. The color of the water is relatively constant throughout the year. You can typically see the stream bed in shallow runs but there is a reddish tint to it and enough turbulence in the Spring to hide most casting imperfections. I personally like to fish Blacky in Spring, Fall and Winter.

Fishing Reports: Click on the link to enter the Central PA Fly Fishing Reports. See how others are doing on the water or take a minute to post your own successes.

Black Moshannon Lodging & Restaurants: Hungry? Need a place to stay? Click on the this link to be taken to a page dedicated to helping you find local restaurants and lodging that are close to the water. All of these local services can also be located on the interactive map.

Interactive Map: Click on this link to be taken to an interactive map of the area. In addition to being able to see where to fish, you can also get printable directions on how to get there and locate local services in the area like fly shops, restaurants, lodging and guide services.

Local Fly Shops:Black Moshannon is secluded. Your best bet for Fly Shops would depend on which direction you are coming. Clearfield and State College are your two closest towns with shops. You can follow the links that are closest to you.

Clearfield - Jim's Sports Center - 800-300-JIMS(5467)

State College - FlyFisher's Paradise - 814-234-4189

State College - TCO State College - 814-689-3654


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