Central Pennsylvania's Big Fishing Creek

The actual name for this Central PA limestone is Fishing Creek but since it is such a common name for a creek it is known to locals as Big Fishing Creek. Fishing Creek is heavily populated with Wild Browns and is heavily stocked in lower sections by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. Although Fishing Creek in it's entirety is a tremendous Trout stream, I often look at it as two different sections. The first being the protected waters and the second being the stocked waters. In early season there will often be significant crowds on both stretches but given its length you will always find several spots to throw line. Conversely, I have fished the protected waters on week nights during intense Sulphur hatches and have not seen another angler. Access to the water is decent provided that you take extreme caution as you traverse boulders and steep banks. There are beaten down foot paths that follow many parts of the creek and parking is typically on homemade pulloffs along the roadway. There is a stretch than runs through State Game Lands and is not posted but much of Fishing Creek runs through private property. The land owners generally allow access to the creek from their property with the exception of a no trespassing on Sundays rule that some have imposed.

A great attribute of Fishing Creek is that it typically remains a few degrees cooler than any of the streams in the area. This fact allows anglers to often have great success throughout the summer into the Fall on Fishing Creek while other streams have become almost too warm to fish.

Fishing Creek is characteristically a fast moving creek with a lot of pockets but it also has stretches of long calm pools to break them up. Extreme caution should be taken while wading. In many locations the stream bed is littered with large hidden boulders and deep holes. The real difficulty in wading is the inability to see what lies beneath the surface.

As previously mentioned there is total of five miles of Special Regulation water on Fishing Creek broken into three separate stretches. Click here to be taken to The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission's explanation.

Hatch Information: The hatches on Fishing Creek are tremendous. Fishing Creek has a wide variety of hatches including early season Grannom Caddis, Green Drakes and great terrestrials. The hatches are typically dense and entice Trout to rise on a consistent basis. Be sure to check out the Central PA Fly Fishing Hatch Chart!

Stream Conditions: Unfortanately Fishing Creek does not have a USGS monitoring station on it. In addition Fishing Creek is in an isolated valley that often sees different weather patterns than many close by streams. If coming to the area the best thing to do would be to check fishing reports often and talk with the guys at the fly shop.

Fishing Reports: Click on the link to enter the Central PA Fly Fishing Reports. See how others are doing on the water or take a minute to post your own successes.

Fishing Creek Lodging & Restaurants: Hungry? Need a place to stay? Click on the this link to be taken to a page dedicated to helping you find local restaurants and lodging that are close to the water. All of these local services can also be located on the interactive map.

Interactive Maps: Click on this link to be taken to an interactive map of the area. In addition to being able to see where to fish, you can also get printable directions on how to get there and locate local services in the area like fly shops, restaurants, lodging and guide services.

Local Fly Shops: There are two fly shops in State College which are relatively close to Fishing Creek. These shops are well versed with Fishing Creek and are well worth a visit if in the area.

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